Romney Veepstakes:
Ohio or Tea Party?
Post by CyberCiety 8/5/2012 - 12:30 CST - CyberCiety@gmail.com

The Texas Republican U.S. Senate primary race was a dog fight from the beginning between former Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz and current Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst. This race is to fill the seat that will be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchinson. In the beginning, the list of candidates also included former Dallas Mayor, Tom Leppert and former ESPN Analyst Craig James. Nevertheless, the Twitter feed from a live televised debate held on April 13, 2012, made it clear that we were in for a turbulent local campaign season between Cruz and Dewhurst. Tea Party Queen, Sarah Palin threw her support behind Ted Cruz; and the initial election resulted in a runoff between Cruz and Dewhurst. In preparation for the runoff, Ted Cruz reorganized his campaign and received overwhelming support from the Tea Party. Sarah Palin made another trip to Texas in support of Cruz and he also received support from Ron Paul.

One interesting feature of the GOP’s identity crisis emerged when Rick Perry sent out emails asking voters to vote for David Dewhurst. On its face, it doesn’t seem odd that a Governor would support his Lt. Governor. However, it was not too long ago that Sarah Palin supported Governor Perry’s gubernatorial and presidential campaign efforts. No matter how confusing, it is clear that the GOP is at odds with itself and there is a distinct line drawn between the Establishment and Tea Party ranks of the Party.

It seemed the Cruz/Dewhurst runoff election results would be close. However, as the numbers began to come in Cruz seemed to maintain a 10 – 15 percent lead that held steady for several hours until Dewhurst conceded. It was definitely shocking to all. It signals a resounding and reverberating win for the Tea Party. Everybody is asking – what does this mean?

This is what I think it means! It means Mitt Romney better think long and hard before he makes a final decision on his Vice Presidential running mate. All commentators agree – Ohio is a must win for Romney. However, if last week Romney was thinking Ohio U.S. Senator, Rob Portman would be the best choice; I would say, you better think again! As important as Ohio is, I think it would be a mistake to pick Ohio over the Tea Party. If the Establishment wing of the Republican Party cannot find a way to bring the Tea Party into its base, Romney will be the next Dewhurst.

Ohio Coal Plant Owner
Robert Murray of Murray Energy
Talks w/Soledad O'Brien
on CNN – August 3, 2012
Does Romney's Mormon Background
Have Any Masonic Connections?
Post by CyberCiety 3/4/2012 - 12:30 CST - CyberCiety@gmail.com

Recent blog, chat room and talk radio chatter reveal an interest in Mitt Romney's Mormon background. Along the way, many of these conversations have included spirited dialogue on the subject of the connection between Mormons and Masons. It naturally leads one to wonder if Mitt Romney has any connections with the Mason organization.

I recently posed the question on Twitter and immediately received what amounted to hate mail by way of reply tweets. Whether Romney is a Mason or not, the issue seems to draw a great deal of interest.
Gingrich Wins South Carolina GOP PrimaryS.C. Primary Commentary
Lenny McAllister
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Soon after South Carolina closed its polls for the 2012 GOP Primary elections today, CNN reported that Newt Gingrich was the winner. It was a stunning revelation for so many reasons. The results leave so many questions. Many tout the statistic that South Carolina usually picks the GOP Nominee. So what are the implications for Mitt Romney especially since South Carolina's governor, Nikki Haley endorsed him? Many now categorize the once-Tea Party darling, Nikki Haley, as Establishment. Today's results in favor of Newt Gingrich denote a clear message from South Carolina's Tea Party organization. It seems that the Tea Party and Establishment GOP are not on the same page. Many commentators believe that the Establishment GOP will rally behind Romney going into Florida because it is fearful of what effect, the alternative, (Newt Gingrich) would have on the House and Senate. As one CNN Commentator opined this evening, don't make any conclusions on the week just past because it all changes so quickly.
How will South Carolina's GOP Vote?
Puritan, Libertarian or Republican?
Post by CyberCiety 1/16/2012 - 16:15 CST - CyberCiety@gmail.com

In anticipation of South Carolina’s upcoming GOP primary election, one CNN news anchor asked if one may consider it a done deal in favor of Mitt Romney and if so, will his success come sooner or later in the GOP Primary Process? Lenny McAllister opined that it depends on whether South Carolina’s GOP votes “Puritan Conservative” (Santorum or Gingrich); “Libertarian” (Paul) or “Republican” (Romney). McAllister solidified this point in a tweet on January, 14, 2012 – See and Follow - www.twitter.com/LennyMcAllister. Somehow, it seems Perry was not a factor in McAllister’s analysis.

Meanwhile, seemingly in a race to reach a consensus on a GOP candidate in advance of South Carolina’s primary, the Family Research Council (a conservative evangelical Christian group) (“FRC”) convened in Houston, Texas; and settled on Santorum as its candidate. The most noticeable and interesting observation was that the FRC convened in Texas but failed to endorse Texas Governor, Rick Perry as its candidate. FRC’s leadership stated that Perry got a check in all categories except the category related to whether he could win against Obama – FRC just did not believe Perry could win against Obama in the 2012 General Election.

Although South Carolina’s governor, Nikki Haley endorsed Romney weeks ago, in recent days, one of South Carolina’s Tea Party favorites, U. S. Representative Tim Scott seemed to make it clear that South Carolina’s Tea Party has not endorsed a candidate. This seems interesting because the Tea Party supported Nikki Haley’s bid for governor. Now it seems South Carolina’s Governor is not on the same page with its Tea Party. So the Family Research Council’s endorsement of Santorum leaves many wondering what the Endorsement means, if anything, as it relates to South Carolina’s primary election.

Does it mean South Carolina may vote for a Puritan Conservative – Rick Santorum? When asked what the Endorsement meant, if anything; Sarah Palin on Fox News and Tim Scott on NBC’s Meet The Press both opined that the endorsement meant that Values Voters/Evangelicals would come out strong in South Carolina but the main factor for voters will be jobs/the economy.

And just when you think the situation couldn’t get any more fluid, one of South Carolina’s largest newspapers, The State, endorses Huntsman. But wait! On January 16, 2012, Huntsman announces that he will suspend his candidacy and endorse Romney. Although most members of the GOP would like to count Ron Paul out, his organization remains very strong and his ability to raise money exceeds expectations.

All of these fluid developments make it impossible for most individuals to speculate about whether South Carolina's GOP will vote Puritan, Libertarian or Republican on January 21, 2012! While Values Voters/Evangelicals may want to make a statement about how they feel about Romney’s Mormonism, their feelings about the economy may win.